Sure you can´t do it any better?


Sure you can't do it any better?

Keeping fit today has become more than a fashion an obligation imposed by mass media and social pressure.

Bellies have practically disappeared from the public scene. No politician, tv. comentator, actor, oscar winner or even Nobel Price awarded scientist dares to appear in front of a camera if he or she doesn't present a shape compliant of the rules of fitness. Of course there are always some exceptions that only make the rule stronger. Fatties, if they are successful people, are more and more lumped together with smokers as suspicious of being anti-system people, if they are poor they are just regarded as overweighted.

Nothing can be as cruel and loathing as diserving the disapproval of this open minded and ultra-tolerant society. The out of shape knows that it is all his, or her, own fault and may even envy the luck of the comdemned to burn in the stake by the Inquisition because, after all, those knew that was superstition and intolerance what was driven them to the bonfire and could expect that sooner or later a new generation would redempt and understand them. But, who could show any sympathy in the future for those that scorn the laws of wellness?

This maniac tide started in the USA and has spread out through all the world. Probably one of the causes was this well-known film of 1994 called Forrest Gump. As you may well remember, the main role of the film, this Forrest went in for running throughout all the country and, in spite of being a complete stupid, the whole world decided to imitate him.

No wonder. Was it not anticipated by John Kennedy Tool in his "Confederacy of Dunces" who would finally rule?

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